Planning a Vacation?

Planning a Vacation?

The days are getting longer, the kids are getting out of school, and I think we all need a vacation. 

Some of us haven't traveled much in the last couple of years, so maybe we're a little rusty on all those smart things we should be doing to keep our homes safe while we're away.   Here are a few good tips:
  1.  Have the post office hold your mail. If you get a newspaper delivery, notify them as well.
  2.  Leave a key with a friend, neighbor, or family member, in case someone needs to get in. 
  3.  Keep a low profile on social media.  Unless you have a house-sitter, maybe post those great vacation pix after you get home!
  4.  Install motion-activated lighting.
  5.  Install a video doorbell system.
  6.  Install timers on interior lights.
  7.  Notify your alarm company, HOA, or neighborhood patrol.
  8.  Don't leave a hide-a-key!

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